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The Beulah Music Festival

The Beulah Music Festival was started in 2004 by Hilary and Ivor Cox with the encouragement and support of Penelope Bourdillon and Hilary and John Spurling. From its inception the Festival has been grateful for the help of the residents of Beulah and district who have given so much of their time and resources.

The Festival is a lively celebration of local music-making with a special emphasis on realising and enjoying the talent of young people. It distinguishes itself from many other festivals in being non-competitive and inclusive, calling as it does on the many gifts of those who live in and around Beulah and their friends. To this end there is one dedicated weekend of concerts every year and a programme of events to keep the flame of the festival alight in the months between. From small beginnings the Festival has grown and become more varied. Go to the archive page to see old programmes and events.

The Festival has encouraged and will continue to encourage performances which combine the efforts of professional, semi-professional and amateur performers and of all ages. The organising committee is especially eager to encourage the participation of young musicians through the Beulah Music Festival Gift. The Festival also supports Strings Attached, an outreach program to encourage take-up of the violin in local primary schools, and Symphony, a project to provide all-instrument ensembles for children.

The Beulah Music Festival
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