Festival report from the Oratory Prep School Junior Choir

The individual children write a comment on their visit to the Festival. They performed at the Children’s Concert and the Soul Music and came to hear the Mervyn Bourdillon Memorial Concert.

A Review of the Junior Choir Trip to the Beulah Festival

Sam liked it when we climbed on the Cambrian Mountains during the Big Walk. It was lovely to hear Alice Cox sing O for the wings of a dove.

Bizzi really enjoyed Penelope’s Garden, especially the Rope Walk.

Jamie enjoyed collecting twigs to help Penelope build a bonfire.

Laura ate all her food very well and enjoyed it.

Kendra found the beds quite comfortable.

Francesca liked singing Earth, Sea and Sky and Exercises in the Children’s Concert.

Shannon says that the House was fun.

Grace Le liked the Festival Concert, especially the violins.

Siena loved being on the top floor of Tyrannell.

Grace La liked the tyre swing that went into the tree in Penelope’s Garden.

Anna liked the wooden swing.

Ingrid found the walk very enjoyable, especially crossing the river and getting stuck in the mud.

Chantal liked having lots of cups of tea in the morning. Oliver Cox made all the tea.

Hana enjoyed playing in front of people in the Children’s Concert. Mrs Anderson said that everyone performed so nicely.

Harry liked sleeping in the Coach House attic. There was a lot of chatting on the first night, but the boys were better when they were tired out! Veronica, Mrs Cox’s mother, helped push the swing in Penelope’s Garden.

Tom really enjoyed exploring outside in the garden.

Josh loved the chickens and movie night.

Otto had a special recital when Mr Cox played The Lark Ascending for him.

Callum liked the Plain Cake made by Miss Lucy Cox.

Mrs Cox was so happy to see children enjoying the food. She had to make crumpets on Monday morning because Oliver forgot to bake the bread, but everyone liked them so it was alright. She also liked the singing of Grace. Mrs Anderson has a lovely recording for the website.