A brief post to keep you up to date.

The Irfon Valley School Orchestra is under way and, unusually, rehearses in school time so it is not competing with lunchtime play. It is already booked for the Festival Holy Saturday concert.

David Gaukroger (composer of Romany Wood) is working on a new composition for children’s orchestra and choir after being inspired by the children’s orchestra brought together for 2014’s Romany Wood  at Garth Village Hall.

Holy Saturday (4 April) will be inspired by the Chaos and Creation elements of Haydn’s Creation Oratorio and we will be joined by Irfon Valley School Orchestra.

The Festival is scheduled for 2-4 October (a week earlier than usual) and we will move the children’s workshop (with the new work by David Gaukroger) to Sunday and have the Mervyn Bourdillon Memorial Concert on Saturday Evening.